In times when the customer is becoming ever more fickle, when markets are becoming less transparent and the economy increasingly resembles a stormy sea, it is good to have an experienced pilot aboard who can navigate you speedily and reliably through dangerous waters. Octopus Services plumbs the depths for you, assists you in steering clear of pitfalls and helps smooth the waves by

  • Collecting market data and customer opinions efficiently
  • Providing detailed analysis of collated data
  • Analyzing the data effectively and drawing logical conclusions
  • Planning with foresight by recommending future measures

At the same time with Octopus you always know the score as we never try to blind you with science. All our results and recommendations are presented in concise and clear language – language as crystal clear as the waters of the Caribbean.


Even though, as a mollusc, the octopus belongs to the same family as the common or garden snail, it is renowned for having immense speed and confidence and is able to cope swimmingly with all kinds of terrain. An octopus even uses a unique form of ‘jet propulsion’ to get about at high speed. Its powerful suckers give it a firm grip on the smoothest of surfaces, meaning it can move with confidence where others cannot even gain a foothold.